Offers the best performance and compatibility

Version control systems like Subversion and Git have become the industry standard for storing and managing source code. Often, these systems do also contain PDF and DOC files for the purpose of documentation. Integrating them into the company-wide search solution makes these documentation files more accessible for  your employees and allows your technicians to find the code pieces they already created elsewhere.

TWT Business Solutions GmbH provides the missing link between the most popular version control systems and the Google Search Appliance: The TWT Version Control Connector. The Connector is based on Google’s new Plexi Adaptor framework offering the best performance and compatibility with current and future versions of the GSA. It combines support for CVS, Subversion, Stash and Git all in one product.


  • Compatible with CVS, Subversion, Stash and Git repositories

  • Supports all document types (indexing is only limited by the GSA’s document type capabilities)

  • Enriches the indexed documents with meta data from the version control system


The following meta data will be extracted from the version control system and added to the indexed documents in order  to allow a more faceted search and filtering possibilities:

  • System Type

  • Last Modified Date

  • Author Information

  • Version

  • Revision

  • Commit

  • Branch

  • Repository


TWT is the first company that has migrated all connectors to the new adaptor framework "Plexi". Together with Google we have made several improvements to the framework to make it even more solid

  • Easy setup

  • Future-proof concept for all coming Google Search Appliance versions

  • Stateless concept for easy mirroring and high availability of the connector setup

  • Crawling and host load configured on    the Google Search Appliance

  • Very fast indexing

  • Fast incremental content updates

  • TWT adaptors are used by more than 30 customers