TWT JIRA Google Cloud Search Connector

Efficient knowledge transfer for software developers

The TWT Business Solutions GmbH created a connection between the JIRA ticket system and the Google Cloud Search. JIRA is a web based ticket system to simplify your workflow in task and project management within software development. With the help of the connector single processes maintained in JIRA can be found easily and efficiently with the search based on Google. The Atlassian JIRA Connector has been tried and tested successfully with several clients.


JIRA is a solid system enabling efficient knowledge transfer in software development. Using JIRA employees gain access to your entire knowledge pool. The current workflow of individual projects is made visible and employees can see upcoming and completed tasks immediately.

In consequence redundant work on issues that have already been solved can be avoided.


The use of this powerful connection between JIRA and the Google Cloud Search offers many benefits for the user. As an additional part of a universal search all relevant sources will be searched. Apart from supporting teams to find problems and their appropriate solutions much more easily the JIRA Connector also offers a self service solution. Here users themselves can solve their problems much faster without having to create a ticket. Employees do not have to wait for results from expensive service providers and can act more efficiently and flexibly. This reduces employees’ workload and saves time and resources.


  • Consideration of complex authorization structures that may be different depending on workflow status and therefore visible for different users. Strucures to be considered: Global permissions, user permissions, authorization schemes for processes and workflow permissions

  • Updating of every ticket after changes in status and the authorization structure

  • You can accurately define via JQL statements which tickets you would like to index, e.g. “open and closed tickets not older than 3 months” or “tickets released as public solution”

  • Intelligent caching system for the optimization of inquiries in the JIRA system especially for large environments

  • Tickets can be upgraded and structured for the search with the standard document filter in the Google Connector Framework and the Entity Extraction.