Highest relevance and quality for your Enterprise Search Alfresco GSA Connector developed by TWT Business Solutions GmbH, allows companies to combine all the advantages of a powerful, modern Enterprise Content Management system and an excellent Enterprise Search solution based on Google technology. Alfresco offers many different built-in features including content management and document- / records- / image-management. Thus the system is a very wide-spread standard solution which is appreciated by major companies worldwide. The TWT Alfresco GSA Connector allows for integrating all gathered Alfresco content into the GSA-index independent of the Alfresco installment: whether used as a standalone free or commercial installation or operated as a software-as-a-service in the cloud. Your entire Alfresco repository can be searched with the excellent performance and quality that made Google so successful.

The TWT Alfresco GSA Connector was exclusively designed for companies wanting to integrate Alfresco content in their Enterprise Search solution with the best relevance and quality. All documents managed in Alfresco will be integrated into the search result according to their applicable permissions. The connector uses the CMIS interface (Content Management Interoperability Services), an open standard for exchanging data between content management systems, integrated with Alfresco. The GSA is able to open up your entire Alfresco repository through the connector and indexes all your stored documents in all folder levels. In addition to that it also includes wiki-entries, blog-articles and discussion-posts stored in your Alfresco sites. By including all relevant meta-information for the different types of content, it is possible to identify the best search results more quickly and present all of them in an optimized fashion. Results can be displayed individually, exposing all their relevant content at first glance while they can be made even faster to access by the use of combinable filters. Of course all contents are secured by their permissions set up in Alfresco and are only available to authorized users. This way you can provide an optimal search experience for your users.

TWT is the first company to migrate all connectors for the new "Plexi" adaptor framework. Together with Google we have made several improvements to the framework making it even more stable. Easy setup Future-proof concept for all future GSA versions Stateless concept for easy mirroring and high availability of the connector Crawling and host load configured only on the GSA Very fast indexing Fast incremental content updates TWT adaptors are used by more than 30 customers

Indexing of all Alfresco content including documents, folder-levels, wiki-entries, blog-articles and discussion-posts Consideration of authorization schemes: The GSA is able to map the underlying Alfresco authorization concept to its indexed contents during a search, presenting the user only those results he is entitled to see Extensive configuration options for individual adjustments to your technical infrastructure Indexing of all relevant meta data for the optimal presentation and filtering of search results Easy installation on Windows and Linux-based systems

Consulting and requirements management Technical implementation Data migration Project management Ongoing servicing

Source system: Alfresco ( Supported version(s) of the source system: 3.3 bis 5.x Supported version(s) of the GSA: 7.0 or higher Deployment platform: Connector based on the “Plexi”-framework; runs on Windows and Linux based machines (Java required); virtualization possible